Who Are We?

We are a young church that began as a completely member led church.  What that means is that we didn’t have an official pastor, so our members took care of everything.  We welcomed our first pastor, Matthew Smith, in the Spring of 2012 and are excited about the things God is doing in  our church.  We have an incredible team of passionate, energetic, spiritual people that have truly made our church a family.


We chose the name “Buford Family” because we wanted to emphasize the importance of family; not only our individual families, but our church as a family.  We aim to be a loving, supportive, and safe place for people to worship together as part of God’s family.


Meet our Pastor

Welcome to the Buford Family Seventh-day Adventist Church!  I am glad that you found us, and hopefully we will meet in person soon.


My wife, Nancy and I look forward to meeting you!  Come enjoy a Biblically based message every Saturday morning at 11 am.  We look forward to getting to know you!

Pastor Keith Ingram

What others have said...

We visited Buford SDA shortly after moving to the area.  We had decided to try out several different churches before deciding on where we would join.  I really believe that God led us to Buford.  It was the second church we tried and I ended up running into a friend from my childhood.  Everyone was very friendly and interested and that old friend called us the next week to see if we would be coming back the upcoming weekend.  


As it turned out my father died the week after we first visited Buford Family SDA and I told her that we would be traveling for the funeral that weekend and would not be at church.  She had the whole church praying for us and she even called a few weeks later to check on us and we ended up having an incredible conversation.  


When I was ready to face the world again, there was no question that we would return to Buford.  Within a month three families had invited us home, and within a few months we had made real friends and had become very involved in this incredible church.  


I have been an Adventist my whole life and have been to many SDA churches, but I have never been to a church like this.  We have felt loved, supported, and appreciated.  I am so glad my children get to be a part of this growing, vibrant church.  

-J. Turner

I wanted to thank all of you again for your help on my roof.  I want you to know what a pleasure it was for me to meet you all.  I’m happy that Amy and Denny know such good and kind hearted people.  It’s not just anyone that would give up a whole day that they could have spent with their own family.  My prayers are with you and all of your families.  May God bless you as He has surely blessed me. 

-C. Powell

The Buford SDA church, first and foremost, is a place I am comfortable taking colleagues and friends and knowing that they will be loved and not feel judged.  Because of this, Buford has great evangelistic and growth potential.  I enjoy the involvement of the members, and the fact that people use their talents on a regular basis.

We like the structure of the children's program and the fact that there are parents and kids in our family's age range.

-J. Balaban

It had been my experience that a loving friendly SDA church simply did not exist.  I reached the point that I was willing to accept it (though not happily)...if just one or two people spoke to us on Sabbath.  The first time we attended Buford, I honestly think everyone who was in attendance that Sabbath spoke to us.  Not every single person speaks to us each Sabbath...but many people do and we (my husband and I) feel that we are welcome and wanted at the Buford SDA Church.

-J. Tranum

I grew up in the church, and I loved my childhood SDA church.  However, when I visited Buford for the first time I was impressed by how close-knit everyone seemed to be.  With the monthly potlucks, the intercessory prayer, and the activities outside of church, we really are a family!”

-E. Balaban