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November 8, 2014

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Imagine what life could look like with increased energy, better focus at work and home, and stronger relationships with loved ones. There's no magic pill that can change your life, but there are time-tested, proven rules for feeling and living better.
Join us for the Buford Total Health Expo on November 8, from 2-5pm, as doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and relationship and family experts consult with you and explore how you can achieve total health! 

Ask the Doctor

Come talk to a doctor for free! Yes, free! Take the opportunity to sit down and consult with a physician or nurse practitioner about any health question you may have.


A professional nurse will take your blood pressure, check your glucose level, and test your body muscle index to give you key indicators of your health status.


Feeling Tense?  Dealing with lots of Stress?  Need some relaxation?  Stop by the Massage booth for a free massage, and let a professional masseuse help your muscles relax.

Physical Therapy

Humans need exercise. Our bodies were designed to stay in motion.  


Stop by the Physical Therapy booth and find ways to increase stamina, physical strength, and tips to make exercise a regular part of your life!

Sun Smart Skin

We need to get sun every day for our bodies to produce a very important vitamin: Vitamin D. Did you know that most people are Vitamin D deficient, yet it's a key cancer preventer? How do we get the right amount of sun before it becomes hazardous? Are we using the right kind of sunscreen protection?


Stop by this table and find out how to protect ourselves from melanoma - a very deadly, quick growing cancer.


A Toast to Your Health!


Do you want to live healthy?  Prevent and combat diseases with God’s natural ingredients.


Learn how to juice effectively including make use of the juicing pulps for a healthy cracker and bread.


Visit our complete juicing booth at the Total Health Expo for information, tips, samples, and recipes.

Healthy Marriages

Is your marraige on the rocks?  Do you struggle with communicating with your spouse?  Feel like divorce is all that's left?  We believe in building healthy marriages to last a Lifetime.


A satisfying, enduring marriage is one key to a lifetime of happiness. Love alone is not enough to produce a wonderful marriage.  Over time, all marriages evolve-pass through stages- and face challenges.   Everyone knows that successful marriages require commitment and work. What can you do to make sure that your marriage will grow stronger over time?


Visit our marriage booth and find out  about upcoming events and valuable resources that explore topics such as: efective communication; creative ideas for a date with your spouse ; ways to make your spouse feel accepted and many others.


Vanish boredom, rekindle the old flame,and create the marriage of your dreams.

Food Tasting

Science has proven that plant-based foods are essential to a healthy body. Even serious health conditions can be reversible with life-style changes.  


Come  by the Food Tasting booth to taste a multi-cultural vegetarian/vegan array of foods! 

Financial Fitness

Are you always living paycheck to paycheck?  Tired of running out of money?  Do you wonder how you can get your finances into shape where they aren't a burden for you.


Stop by the Financial Fitness booth to learn how to take the baby steps towards living debt free.

Eye Exam

Blurred vision?  Not seeing clearly?  Worried about your eye health?  


Stop by our eye exam and have your eyes examined by a professional eye doctor.  You will be screened for glaucoma and macular degeneration as well as general eye health.

Kid's Korner

We live in a super-fast pace technological society, where kids spend most of their time indoor and electronically wired by society. 

How can we expect any kids to simply be a kid? By the time we wake up, our children will already be defined by society’s standards. 


Discover what it really means have the basic needs of life such as Self-Control, Sun and Sleep, Trust, Air, Exercise, Food and Water. 


Parents and Kids! Come and invite all your friends and neighbors to experience the real joy of living a happy, healthy and active life...most of all, to just being a kid.


There will be fun learning, balloons, face-painting, arts & crafts, games, exercise routines, music and lots of fun!!!

Quit Smoking

Have you wanted to stop smoking?  Do you feel like it is a demon that you can't shake?  Have you craved a community that supports your decision to kick the habit?


Stop by the Breathe Free booth to find a new and integrative program and kick the tobacco habit for good! Sign up for more information on upcoming classes.


Cyber Safety

The cyber world is here to stay, and protecting your children from harm is just as important online as in the real world. Parents play a critical role in helping children have safe and positive experiences online. Monitoring is one way to protect your children; stop by and let us demonstrate that it is not a hard as you might think!

Youth Connection

Young people deal with so much pressure, all the time.  Friends, relationships, parents, school, body image, sexuality...the list never ends.  There are both unhealthy and healthy ways to deal with this pressure.  We believe that it is important to have a support group of other young people that understand the same pressure you feel and can help you deal with the issues you face.


Maybe you already have a group that supports you and encourages you and gives you healthy outlets to cope with issues that you are dealing with.  Maybe you are looking for more opportunities to make new friends that want to lift you up and grow to know you better through activities and events.


Stop by the Youth Connection booth to see what you are missing out on and meet some awesome young people that want to get to know you.

Home Schooling

Are you looking for another option where you can be more connected with your child's eduation?  Have you ever wondered if home schooling was an option for your family?


Stop by the Home Schooling booth to see the options that are available in our area including the wonderful home schooling network that is already established, different class options as well as many social outlets for your children.  

The Total Health Expo is brought to you by the

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