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What to Expect...

When you arrive at the Buford Family Seventh-day Adventist church, you will feel the warmth of a loving family that is glad to welcome you as one of their own.  You will be welcomed and feel comfortable as you worship with us through music, prayer and a Bible-based message.


What should I wear?

Here at the Buford Family, we are less concerned with what you are wearing and more excited that you are there with us.  Most people wear "business casual" (khakis and a button up for guys/skirts or dresses for girls), but we'll take you however you come.  Be comfortable!


What's the music like?

One of the greatest parts about the Buford Family is the variety of worship that we have.  Some weeks, we will have music led by guitars and choristers while other weeks, we are treated to our very own classical ensemble with violins, cellos and even a flute. With out a doubt, there is something for everyone.


When should I get there?

Sabbath School, our small group time of discussion through Bible study for all ages, starts at 10:00 am.  The worship service starts at 11:15am, and we are usually done around 12:30pm.  

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