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Buford Family Groups Signup

Here at the Buford Family SDA Church, we feel it is important to not only be a part family as a whole, but to be a part of a smaller community to help foster growth with each other as we all strive to know Jesus better.  It is our desire that each of our members join a Buford Family Group.  


Below is our current catalog of Buford Family Groups that are available.  Everyone has an opportunity to join a Group at the beginning of each quarter of the year.  There is a "Check-out" time for the first two weeks so you can try a Group to see if you like it.  If it is past the first two weeks of a quarter, and you've missed the signup opportunity, there will be another chance in just a few weeks at the beginning of the next quarter.  If you're interested in starting a group of your own, visit the Groups Basics page to register.


Here's how you can join a group.  Scroll through the catalog below, and find a group that you would like to join.  Then, either click on the leader's email (in the catalog) to contact them or call them to let them know you'd like to be a part of their group.  It's just that easy!  Have fun!



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